Professional Cosmetic Dentistry at Pearly Dental Care

Cosmetic Dentistry In San Jose, CA

At Pearly Dental Care, we are passionate about cosmetic procedures and believe everyone deserves a beautiful pearly white smile. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments. We recommend a consultation visit before doing a cosmetic procedure to understand your needs, discuss the alternative treatment options, and treatment plan the best option for you according to your desires.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

At Pearly Dental Care, we use laser technology for in-office teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is more efficient than other kinds of in-office bleaching. Patients experience comfort with minimal and in most cases no teeth sensitivity during or after the procedure. Our patients who have done laser teeth whitening with us like the stability of the results after laser teeth whitening. We offer free consultation before cosmetic teeth whitening to check if you are a good candidate for laser teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Also called dental laminates, veneers are thin layers made of porcelain or composite material that is bonded or cemented to the outer surface of the teeth. At Pearly Dental Care, we mainly do composite dental veneers, which is unique to our office. Composite dental veneers, also called direct veneers/chairside veneers, are custom made and shaped for every individual tooth in one appointment. They are more affordable that porcelain veneers. They can be repaired, restored, or adjusted if needed. Porcelain veneers have excellent porcelain shine but can’t be repaired and need to be replaced completely if needed. Our patients who have done cosmetic dental veneers with us love the natural look, results, and believe composite veneers look like natural healthy teeth with their desired shade and shape. We offer free consultation before cosmetic teeth whitening to check if you are a good candidate for cosmetic dental veneers.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

At Pearly Dental Care, we care about cosmetic appearance of teeth, even when we do tooth-colored restorations or fillings. Bonding is the process in which tooth-colored materials are adhered (bonded) to the tooth. We use smart tooth-colored bonding material with Nano technology to achieve the best shade-match with your tooth structure. Patients who have done cosmetic tooth bonding with us love the results in terms of appearance and shade-match.

Cosmetic Dental Microbrasion

At Pearly Dental Care, we treat multiple teeth discolorations after orthodontic treatment, white patches, brown patches, fluorosis discolorations, and enamel decalcification defects with enamel microabrasion technique. It is a minimally invasive treatment with immediate results in one appointment.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, also referred to as caps, provide full coverage for the teeth which need full protection. At Pearly Dental Care, we offer cosmetic full porcelain crowns with no metal margins that are custom made and built by a skilled dental lab technician with highly cosmetic porcelain material. Our labs are located in California and use United States brand names for the porcelain materials they use for dental crowns.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

Dental braces are not only for kids! At Pearly Dental Care, we offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatments including conventional braces, Invisalign®, clear aligners, and Six Months Smiles® for all ages. More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatments for cosmetic purposes. We believe that, with orthodontic treatment, we can achieve an optimal bite with a cosmetic bonus. We look at the big picture in each case: we treatment plan using different dental software and 3D simulations to check which option will result in best cosmetics results while considering the function as well.

Cosmetic Gum Contouring and Reshaping

At Pearly Dental Care, we use laser to recontour and then seal the gum tissue to create the ideal shape of the gum or level the gum margins of the teeth on the right and left side, so they look symmetrical. We can also use laser to eradicate gum pockets that traps bacteria to prevent future infections. We use cosmetic gum contouring in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures or by itself.

Cosmetic Missing Teeth Replacements

At Pearly Dental Care, for replacing missing teeth, we offer a wide variety of choices including cosmetic dental implants, cosmetic dental bridges, or cosmetic dental removable partials. Our office is equipped with the latest three-dimensional scanning technology, cone beam CT scanning, which helps us plan all the details before teeth replacements.

Maintaining Your New Smile

Pearly Dental Care is a hygiene-based office with emphasis on prevention. In order to maintain the beauty of your smiles after completing cosmetic dentistry, we recommend taking care of your veneers, crowns, or implants the same way you care for your regular teeth. Brush and floss regularly to prevent cavities and gum disease around the cosmetic restorations. It might take a few days or weeks to get used to your new smile, shape, or size of the teeth. We recommend cosmetic cases to avoid biting on hard food like hard candies, because restorations can chip or break as your regular teeth can. Wearing a night guard or retainer while sleeping can reduce chipping or cracking the restorations. We recommend dental visits at our San Jose office three to four times a year for teeth cleaning and checkups. During our maintenance visits, we check all the teeth for decay and gum disease. Cavities and gum disease can be diagnosed at an earlier stage and be arrested.

Why Choose Pearly Dental Care For Your Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Our patients love our cosmetic dental procedures because we are unique in providing different services, mostly done in one appointment with immediate results. We take our time to listen to patients’ concerns and do thorough exams to check patients’ dental needs. Our cosmetic procedures are clearly discussed with patients before any treatment is rendered.
Dr. Khatibian is very experienced in different kinds of cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is her passion and she has been practicing dentistry since 1997. She loves new technologies and keeps improving her skills continuously.
“Dentistry in general has given me a purposeful life. Cosmetic dentistry has become my passion—changing people’s lives by providing them a confident smile.” – Dr. Khatibian
If you live in San Jose, California , give us a quick call at (408) 300-0767 or send us an email. In a short conversation and consultation, we can answer all of your questions about how cosmetic dentistry can help you start feeling great about your smile.