Considered By Many The Best Dentist In San Jose and Sunnyvale, California


Being a dentist can be one of the most challenging of occupations, but also can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying. I believe a knowledgeable dentist can make a positive change in her patients’ lives. Restoring a beautiful smile that brings self-confidence to the patient, aligning the teeth by orthodontics that provide ideal occlusion and function of the teeth, and improving tooth function and nutrition are some of the ways I am able to make a difference in my patients’ lives. It is something I am truly passionate about.

What I like most about my job is that I get to interact with people on a daily basis. That’s what practicing dentistry is all about: interacting and communicating. My job has given me the opportunity to learn a lot — not only about my patients, but also about myself. They have taught me to trust, which is what an effective doctor-patient relationship is built upon. When my patients make an appointment to see me, they are telling me they trust my knowledge, experience, and ability to manage their care effectively. As they trust me and as we build the relationship, the trust becomes reciprocal. I trust them to be truthful and honest, and follow through on the instructions given, and we become a team.


Dental technology changes on a nearly daily basis, and continuing education keeps me on top of those changes. By updating my knowledge about the latest diagnostic, preventive, and treatment methods, I can educate my patients about the causes of diseases, offer all alternative treatments that suit them, and maintain their achieved oral health.

In California, it is required to complete 50 hours of continuing education every two years, but I have taken more than 150 hours in 2015 alone! I also attend two professional study clubs for courses related to advanced general dentistry, orthodontics, implant surgeries and restorations, safety in the office, and patient confidentiality (HIPAA).


Part of the reason I became a dentist is that I care about my patients, people, community, and society. I am a recent transplant to the Santa Teresa neighborhood in San Jose. I chose to start my dental office in the neighborhood in which I live because I believe I can give back to the community where my family lives in a better way.

In the past, I’ve been involved in a nonprofit dental clinic, and also volunteer through the dental society community activities. I look forward to becoming an active member of this community, both at work and at home.


My husband Reza and I grew up in the Gheytarieh neighborhood in Tehran, Iran. Our high schools were across the street from each other and our childhood homes very close by, but we never knew or met each other in Iran. As time passed, I graduated from dental school in Tehran and practiced dentistry, while Reza graduated as a civil engineer.

Once in the United States, Reza organized a Persian hiking group in the summer of 2014. As fate would have it, we met for the first time on one of the hiking trips in Northern California, thousands of miles away from our original neighborhood. Our love began to blossom from that very hike.

Reza officially surprised me by going down on one knee to propose to his love in November 2014. With great excitement and jubilation in the air, my father encouraged us not to delay the formal wedding ceremony so he could see our true love for each other. A month later, Reza and I held our formal ceremony at the San Francisco City Hall in December 2014. Though my father is no longer with us, he was able to fulfill his wish by witnessing first-hand the true love that Reza and I have for each other. 

When I’m not in the office, you can probably find me and my husband hiking through the woods, because we are both nature enthusiasts. I also enjoy traveling, cooking, reading spiritual self-improvement books, and learning the Spanish language.